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Magnetrol®/Orion Aurora™ Magnetic Level Indicator & Transmitter

Aurora™ is a magnetically coupled liquid level indicator precision engineered and manufactured providing accurate, reliable and continuous, visual level indication. This unit incorporates Magnetrol’s advanced Eclipse® guided-wave radar technology with the magnetic level indicator.

Eclipse® Guided Wave Radar is based upon the technology of TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry). TDR utilises pulses of electromagnetic energy transmitted down a probe. Upon reaching a liquid surface the pulse is reflected. An ultra high-speed timing circuit precisely measures the transit time and provides an accurate measure of the liquid level. Its performance is unaffected by changes in the process media, such as varying dielectric and changes in temperature and specific gravity.

The Eclipse® is mounted off center in a 3” dual-compartment chamber. A change of level in the process tank corresponds to the change within the Aurora™ chamber. The float within the chamber actuates flags or a shuttle for visual indication while the Eclipse® GWR transmitter provides a continuous electronic level measurement, 4-20mA output signal. It eliminates the dependence on the float to provide a magnetic field for either a magnetostrictive or reed chain transmitter. If the float fails, both the visual indication and magnetostrictive or reed chain transmitter will fail. However, the Aurora™ still provides a reliable 4-20mA output due to the Eclipse® working independently.

Redundancy is the key word in those applications that require reliable level measurement. Aurora™ can provide this ability by offering both local indication and isolated 4-20mA output in a single unit.

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