Tank Blanketing Valves & Pressure Temperature Regulators

Shand & Jurs – Low Pressure nitrogen blanketing regulators

  • 1/2″ and 1″ screwed or flanged in Aluminium or stainless steel
  • Seat Seals: Buna, Viton, Kalrez
  • Diaphragm: PTFE, Viton, Buna

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Control Valves

Globe Control Valves

  • Boiler Feed Pump Recirculation or SH/ RH/ PRDS Spray Thermal Power Plants
  • Primary Heat Transfer & Moderator System Control Valves
  • High Pressure Steam Vent & Condenser Dump Application
  • Anti-Surge Control Valves
  • Ammonia Letdown Applications
  • Cryogenic Applications
  • Smart Valves

Technical Brochures

Automatic Recirculation Valves

The HORA Automatic Recirculation Valve PSG-N provides protection to centrifugal pumps from possible damage by thermal and hydraulic overloads at low flow rates. The automatically controlled by-pass, regulates flow to exactly correspond to that, of the pump discharge. Under zero flow conditions, the main flow path is blocked by a non-return disc/valve, influenced by a light positioning spring. The bypass would in this situation, be fully open. As demand for flow increases at the outlet of the PSG-N, the non-return valve begins to open, caused by the increase in pressure differential across the unit. At the same time, the by-pass valve begins to close. Accurate by-pass modulation control is achieved by the use of Low Noise single or multistage pressure let down components, which are designed to give protection against cavitation and flashing. Disassembly and maintenance can be facilitated with removal of the PSG-N from the line.

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Cage-Ball Control Valve

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Pressure Regulating Valves

  • Pressure reducing regulators (UBAN, UBR, UBB series)
  • Pressure relief valves (UBS, UBB, UBAS series)
  • Backpressure regulators (UBS series)
  • Differential pressure (flow) regulators
  • Vacuum-breaking valves
  • MM-BPM series (direct-operated, spring pressure regulators)
  • Maxomatic series (multi-function pilot operated regulators for liquids)
  • Suitable for Air & Process Gases, Liquids and Steam
  • Suitable for markets including Oil & Gas, Blanketing Systems, General Industry and Power

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