Check Valves & Strainers

  • Swing and Piston Check Valves
  • Y-Type Strainers
  • Bronze, cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Flanged 150# to 4500# – sizes 50mm to 300mm
  • Screwed – sizes 15mm to 100mm

KSB Check Valves


  • Power stations, Refineries, general industry, process engineering
  • For water, steam, gas, oil & other media


  • As per ASME B 16.34; BS 1868 or DIN Standards
  • Available in Forged & Cast Construction
  • Bolted Bonnet Design (Low Pressure Valves)
  • Pressure Seal Bonnet Design (High Pressure Valves)

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Flame Arresters

Shand & Jurs Flame check and flame arresters are used at vent / end-of-line for protection of tanks, vessels and piping systems from flashback damage of Gas Groups NEC D

  • Combination Flame Arrester/Emergency Vent or Flame Arrester/Pressure Vacuum conservation valve
  • FM approved
  • Carbon, 316SS and Hastelloy materials.
  • Screwed 1/4″ to 2″ NPT and 150/300# ANSI flanged 50 to 350mm.

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Detonation Arresters

Shand & Jurs Detonation arresters are used in-line and end of line to protect vessels and pipelines from detonation and flame fronts in piping systems

  • Suit Gas Group NEC C & D
  • FM and/or USCG approved
  • Carbon, 316SS and Hastelloy materials
  • 150/300# ANSI flanged 50 to 350mm

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Waste Gas Handling

Anaerobic Digester/Landfill Waste Gas (Methane) Control Equipment Shand & Jurs Condensate & Sediment traps, Manual and Automatic drip traps; Thermal shut off valves; Pressure relief/pressure regulating valves; flame arresters; flame checks; Waste Gas Burners; Low pressure Back Pressure check valves; flame trap assemblies.

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Bulk Storage Tank Fittings

Shand & Jurs Full range of Gauge & Dip hatches

  • Free vents, Rim vents, dehydrators, water drain valves and floating suction swivels
  • Internal Safety valves (LNG/LPG tanks)

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Flexible Rubber Joints


  • Axial compression and elongation
  • Absorbs vibration, noise and shock
  • Materials – Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM and others
  • Single and twin sphere connectors
  • End connections – flanged AS2129 Table E, ANSI 150#, DIN or screwed BSP
  • Sizes 40mm to 600mm
  • Also supply Metallic Bellows-type, designed and manufactured to your application requirements

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