Diaphragm Seals – Oil & Gas / Chemical & Mining

FICO Australian Made Diaphragm Seals – protect pressure instruments from corrosive, dirty or waxy processes, or from blockage by slurries and non-homogeneous fluids

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Diaphragm Seals – Sanitary – Food & Beverage /Pharmaceutical

FICO Australian Made Diaphragm Seals – provide a crevice free surface for pressure gauges, transmitters and switches in process systems requiring sanitary conditions

  • Triclover, BSM, Homogeniser, Weld-Spud style Flush diaphragm designs for hydrostatic level
  • 316SS, Monel, Hastelloy & Tantalum diaphragm materials
  • Electronic fusion TIG welded diaphragms; Electropolish finish available
  • Fill Fluids to suit range of temperatures and processes

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Temperature Sensors


FICO RTD & Thermocouple Industrial Temperature Sensors

  • GP or Mini IP65 Aluminium head sensors, Spring Loaded probes
  • “Hockey Puck” style transmitters; Output: 4-20mA
  • Standard designs, or custom made to your specifications

Flow Sensors

Meriam Accutube Flow Sensors

  • An annular averaging pitot tube
  • 1% of rate accuracy
  • Suitable for gases, liquids, steam applications
  • Integral and valve manifold Accutube head available
  • Pressure/temperature limit: 103 barg @ 426°C
  • Standard sizes up to 72″

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