Pressure – Oil & Gas & Petro/Chemical

Ashcroft® Solid front Gauges to AS1349 – High Pressure Gas Service 2500kPa and above

  • 100, 115 and 160mm Dial, stainless steel or Phenolic cases, dry and liquid filled
  • Ashcroft® open front Gauges to AS1349
  • 63, 100 and 160mm Dial, stainless steel case, dry and liquid filled
  • Wetted parts 316SS, Monel
  • Accessories – Diaphragm Seals, Snubbers & Pulsation Dempers, Switch and Transmitters, Modules, Max/Min Indicator

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Pressure – Industrial Heavy Duty

Ashcroft® Open front case Pressure Gauges to AS1349

  • 40, 50, 63, 100, and 160mm Dials, stainless steel, ABS dry and liquid filled and Black Steel case dry
  • Wetted Parts: copper alloy/brass
  • 100, 160mm +/- 1% accuracy, 40 to 63mm +/-3% accuracy

Ashcroft® Digital Pressure gauges

  • Battery, line power, Outputs: switch &/or 4-20mA
  • Accessories – Diaphragm Seals, Snubbers & Pulsation Dampers, switch and transmitters modules, Max./Min. indicators

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Pressure – Industrial General Purpose

Contact us for more information on this range of pressure gauges.

Pressure – Test Gauges & Test Equipment

Ashcroft® AS1349 Test Gauges +/- 0.25% Vacuum to 100,000kPa
Ashcroft® Portable Deadweight Testers and Comparator pumps, HVC Volume Controller
Heise® Precision 0.1% Accuracy Analog and Digital Test Gauges

  • Solid Front, temperature compensation, mirror dial

Heise® Digital Instrument Calibrator with +/-0.05% Modular Measuring System
Meriam MFT Digital Instrument Calibrator Modular measuring System

  • HART® / Fieldbus compatible. +/-0.05%

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Pressure – Differential Pressure

Ashcroft® Piston, Piston diaphragm, Diaphragm and Bellows styles cover applications from Offshore Oil and Gas to HVAC and Filter clean

  • 50, 63, 100, 160mm dials, stainless cases
  • Aluminium, 316SS, Monel, Hastelloy
  • Accessories – Diaphragm Seals, Snubbers & Pulsation Dampers, switch and transmitters modules, Max./Min. indicators

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Magnetic Level Gauges/Indicator

Magnetrol® Orion Atlas™, Gemini™, Aurora™

  • Broad range of alloy and plastic chamber styles
  • True level measurement redundancy with GWR in a single chamber design
  • Cryogenic to high temp range: -196°C to 538°C
  • Full vacuum to ANSI 2500#
  • ASME B31.1 and B31.3 construction as standard
  • NACE MR-01-75 available
  • Totally sealed chambers
  • Visibility up to 30m
  • Long lasting metal flag indication
  • SG range as low as 0.25

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FICO Australian made high quality aluminium housed precision
U-tube manometers, Water and Mercury fill. Perfect for HVAC / Mechanical Services testing – 300 to 900mmH2O / Hg diff. and custom sizes.

  • 3-valve Manifold – equalise/measure
  • Overflow protection – prevent mercury carryover to your system
  • Heavy duty fitted carry case, including stand.

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FICO Level Gauges

FICO Australian made stainless steel 1:1 pneumatic level transmitters, when combined with Austral pressure gauge scaled for liquid volume or level becomes an accurate, economical level/volume indicator.

  • Large Viton or Buna diaphragm for high sensitivity
  • Tank top, threaded or flanged tank connection
  • Nylon or stainless steel capillary
  • 316SS body

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  • FICO Pneumatic Level Tx

Level Gauges

Shand & Jurs Automatic Tank Level Gauges – float / tape level gauges for Bulk Liquids Storage Tanks

  • Roof & ground mounted versions – mounting kits for cone & floating roof, horizontal cylindrical & spherical tanks Afriso’s range of mechanical level & volume gauges suitable for fluids from water to diesel oil. Float and in-built hand-pump to pressurise hydrostatic bubbler systems
  • Float gauges: Adjustable range, 0.9 to 4.0 meters
  • Typical applications: Heating / diesel / oils or non-corrosive fluids

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Temperature – Bimetal Thermometers – Direct Mounted

Ashcroft® Hermetically Sealed, External Zero Adjustment, Lower, Rear, Everyangle Design

  • 75, 125mm Dials, stainless steel case, dry and liquid filled
  • Wetted Parts: 304 ss
  • +/- 1% accuracy

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Temperature – Thermometers – Remote Mount

Ashcroft® Gas filled High Vibration Resistant

  • 100, 160mm Dials, IP64 / IP65 stainless steel case, Lower, Rear Design
  • Cases dry and liquid filled
  • Wetted Parts: 316SS
  • +/- 1% accuracy

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Temperature – Thermowells

Austral Machined Barstock Thermowells

  • Taper, Straight Screwed, Flanged to BSTE , DIN or ANSI
  • Materials: 316SS, Monel, Duplex 2205 SAF and more
  • Special designs, Resonance flow calculations, Material Certificates

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