Pressure Transmitters

Ashcroft® Industrial Fixed span Pressure transmitters 4-20mA

  • Accuracy 1%, 0.5% and 0.25%
  • Ranges Vac. To 130,000kPa

Ashcroft® Industrial Fixed range Low Differential Pressure transmitters

  • Accuracy 1%, 0.5% and 0.25%
  • Ranges 0.01″ H2O to 150″ H2O 4-20mA Heise® Precision Fixed span Pressure transmitters ±0.02%

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Guided-Wave Radar Level Transmitter

Magnetrol® Eclipse® 705/706, Horizon 704

  • Single liquid and liquid/liquid interface level measurement
  • Process pressure from full vacuum to 345 bar
  • Process temperature -150°C to 400°C
  • “Plug & Play” design for easy configuration
  • No level change needed for configuration; no field-calibration required
  • Not affected by changing in SG, dielectric constant, foam
  • 20 probe styles for different applications
  • HART® digital communications (optional)
  • IEC Exia, IEC Exd/Exia available
  • FF & Profibus optional

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RF Capacitance Type Level Transmitter

Magnetrol® Kotron® 82CE, 805

  • Suitable for all liquids and slurries (dielectric 1.5-100)
  • 24VDC loop power with optional HART® communication
  • Wide range of rigid/flexible probes to suit different applications
  • Process pressure up to 345 bar
  • Process temperature up to 540°C
  • ATEX Exia approved

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Non-Contact Type Radar Level Transmitter

Magnetrol® Pulsar® R95/R05/R96/R82

  • Pulse Burst patented technology
  • 24VDC loop-power with optional HART® communication
  • Superior performance in the tougher applications of turbulence, foam, and heavy vapors
  • Track extremely rapid rate of level change up to 450cm/minute
  • Antenna designs to 204°C, 51.7 bar
  • Range up to 40m
  • Quick connect/disconnect probe coupling allows vessel to remain sealed
  • IEC & ATEX Exd/Exia approved

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Ultrasonic Non-Contact Type Level Transmitter

Magnetrol® Echotel® Model 335, 355

  • Broad range level transmitters for level, volume, or open channel flow
  • Measurable range up to 8m
  • Operating pressure up to 3 bar
  • Temperature up to 90°C
  • Narrow beam angle to 7°
  • False target buffering available
  • Temperature compensation for optimum performance

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Level Gauges / Transmitters

Shand & Jurs and L & J Engineering High Accuracy Automatic Tank Level Gauges for Bulk Liquids Storage Tanks

  • Radar and servo gauging to custody transfer accuracy
  • Float/tape gauge Level transmitter MCG2000SS, SAA approved Exd – 4-20mA or digital outputs up to 6 switches
  • Complete range of switches, up to 6 switches

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Inventory Tank Gauging Systems

L & J Engineering Bulk Storage Tank Level Gauges – Radar / Servo / Magnetostrictive / Float level gauges for Bulk Liquids Storage Tanks.

  • UNIX or Windows NT based SCADA Inventory Tank gauging systems – level, volume compensated for temperature, density and tank strapping to API standards.
  • Systems are flexible and configurable for small to largest tank depots and refineries.
  • Pump and valve control and digital/analog in/outputs – trending and alarms
  • L&J Engineering interface to most existing tank gauges, or systems, allowing upgrading without complete replacement of existing infrastructure.

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Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter

Magnetrol® TA2

  • Direct mass flow measurement of air and gases
  • High turndown ratios
  • Excellent low flow sensitivity
  • Low pressure drop
  • Advanced self-diagnostics including probe verification
  • Optional HART® communication and configuration
  • Display provides measured values of mass flow, temperature, totalized flow and diagnostic messages
  • Process pressure up to 200°C
  • Process temperature up to 103 bar
  • IEC Exd approved

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